Post Operative Instructions

Please note:

Excessive bleeding or swelling following circumcision is NOT NORMAL. Should any of these, or any other unexpected complications or concerns arise, you should contact Dr Demediuk by phone or your local emergency department.

Protect the tip of the penis with ‘Jelonet’

There should be a 1cm square of Jelonet on the tip of the penis to protect it from the nappy sticking to it.

If the Jelonet falls off between nappy changes, place a new 1cm piece of ‘Jelonet’ on the tip of the penis to prevent the nappy from sticking to the tip of the penis. Don’t worry if it remains ‘stuck’ onto the tip of the penis-just leave it, only replace it if it falls off between nappy changes.

Please use clean scissors, sterilized with boiling water, to cut new squares from the Jelonet sheet that you are given. Remember to peel away the paper on both sides before applying it to the penis. When you run out, switch over to using petroleum jelly to protect the tip of the penis.

Removal of the Dressing (If Necessary)

Do not bathe your son till the brown coloured dressing around the penis falls off. If it hasn’t fallen off after 3 days, bathe your baby & remove it.

There will be a red band of raw tissue below the knob of the penis. This is normal and will take between a week to 10 days to heal. It must be protected by applying petroleum jelly around the penis and you can also smear some on the adjacent nappy.

Use of Antibiotic Ointment

At your initial consultation, the doctor will give you a prescription for an antibiotic ointment (Bactroban). Do not fill the prescription at this time. Instead, we advise that this prescription be filled in the instance that you notice any signs of infection, including redness, unusual yellow discharge, smell, excessive swelling, local warmth, or a fever. It is always wise to send a picture by text and then call Dr Demediuk if you suspect an infection.

Pain Relief

If necessary, paracetamol and or ibuprofen in older infants can be used according to the directions for age and weight on the bottle.

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